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Invenio Line Delta

The creation of Invenio Line Delta stems from the desire of developing a pneumatic pump that can build up a higher pressure than the existing pumps in the market. Our interest also lays within reducing size and weight as well as lowering the temperature levels during usage, while cutting down on energy consumption.

Invenio Energy Storage

The Energy Storage Solution is a project based on the Invenio Line Delta pneumatic pump. The concept is of theoretical principle but has been developed upon practical knowledge and experience while developing the Delta pump. The main idea is to collect energy from CO2 neutral energy sources and being able to store it and transport it.

Invenio Ocean

Invenio Ocean is a solution which aims at restoring damaged parts of the oceanic ecosystem by providing oxygen into the sea, where overfishing or environmental disasters have occurred. The idea behind this transportable and CO2 neutral device is to counterbalance the loss of oxygen in the ocean emerging from human activities.

Invenio Grow Zone Systems

Grow Zone is a low cost transportable system to grow crop fields in highly dry areas where the access to water is limited. The vision behind this solution is to shrink the growing problem of limited food supplies around the world. Its low production cost and ease of transportation makes it possible to reach a large a number of the worlds population; furthermore, the materials used for the construction of the solution are 95% reusable.

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